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    April 23, 2013
    12:00 - 12:30pm PDT  

they've been hit before, it could happen again. the fight heats up to prevent more fire station closures in contra costa county. that's one of the top stories. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. a fake tweet this morning briefly sends the stock market sharply lower. at 10:07 this morning, a tweet that appeared from "the
associated press" said "breaking -- two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured." the tweet was fake. the a.p. twitter account was hacked. the president's fine and there are no explosions. within minutes, the a.p. suspended its account. it released a statement saying the account had been hacked and the tweet about the white house was false. that's at about 10:12. between the hack statement and the tweet, the dow jones fell over 150 points. also markets went down. by 10:13, stock, bonds and crude oil were all trading before about where they were before the tweet. the dow is back up 123 points at 14,691. the nasdaq is up 30. s&p is up 13. budget headaches strike again in contra costa county.
four fire stations were shut down earlier this year and now two more could be on the chopping block. we mentioned the story on "mornings on 2" today. new at noon, sal castanedo joins us live with ri action to the possible closures -- live with the reaction to the possible closures. >> reporter: good afternoon. you may see fewer staff and stations open if the budget is cut. the station in pittsburg is one of two most likely to be closed as part of a budget proposal made today to the county board of supervisors. today the board heard recommendations to trim the county's budget which had been hit hard by declining property values and tax collection. firefighters showed up to say enough is enough. last year, the county ordered four fire stations shut down. firefighters say closing two more will dramatically increase response times in an emergency.
>> in a medical, obviously minutes and seconds count. and then in a fire emergency, this allows the fire to get bigger. i mean, obviously getting there to a bedroom fire and being able to keep it in the bedroom is much better than the fire spreading out through the house. county officials say part of the reason is voter rejection that could have kept staffing levels. supervisors say they are in a tough 1309. >> there's alternatives that we can do in not closing the stations. we're hope to that. but we have to get a budget together and looking at the budget, it looks like we'll have the stations closed unless we come up with something creative before. >> reporter: the county board of supervisors is get to board on the plan may 14th. meanwhile, firefighters say this year, really bad year to cut any fire services at all
because of the really dry conditions from a lack of rain this winter. live in pittsburg, sal, castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. in fact, firefighting crews in the bay area and across the state are preparing for this yearary fire season. hot -- year's fire season. hot an dry conditions have scheduled new hires to start early. they were training on waterdrops and in one week, calfire will be hiring 40 seasonal firefighters. they hope to be fully staffed by the sul -- the summer. in massachusetts, the family of 8-year-old martin richard held a private funeral mass today for him. in a statement, the family said the boy is now at peace. also today family and friends gathered for a private memorial for the 27-year-old police officer who investigators say was killed by the bombing
suspects. investigators say the massachusetts institute of technology officer, sean collier, was shot multiple times as he sat in his vehicle last thursday. tomorrow, vice president joe biden is expected to attend a memorial service for collier at the m.i.t. campus. authorities have released more photos of the ing suspects. they were take -- of the bomb becoming suspects -- boston marathon suspects. you can see them in the crowd, watching the finish line. there's no sign of tension. at times they appear come and relaxed. moments later, the bombs went off. the surviving suspect remains under armed guard in the hospital. the fbi says dzhokhar tsarnaev is still having difficulty speaking. but yesterday he was able to give a one-word answer, no, when asked if he would afford a
lawyer. a judge was brought to his hospital bed to outline the charges that could bring the death penalty. the tampa bay says he's now claiming the old brother was the -- the fbi says he's now claiming the old brother was the driving force. the mother of the sons want to visit the u.s. to visit her badly injured son. but she could be arrested if she comes back. she faces an outstanding warrant stemming from a shoplifting incident last summer. police say she stole more than $1600 of designer dresses from a lord & taylor store near boston. has a lot more on -- on the boston marathon bombing case. you can read a transcript from the surviving suspect's first legal hearing. oakland police are still looking for a shooting suspect
even after they thought they had him surrounded during a land long standoff. police surrounded an east oakland home for several hours overnight where they believed the suspect was barricaded. however, when the s.w.a.t. team entered the home around 6:45, no one was inside. this all started at 10:30 last night after a man was shot on 90th avenue. he identified the shooter to police and told him where he lived. the victim's wound is not life- threatening. the california highway patrol is expanding the patrols in oakland. this comes as themuhammed sheriff's office -- as the alameda sheriff's office increases patrol. a new plan, to expand the patrols to four days a week. a couple of hours ago an o.p.d. representative gave us the news. >> we're delighted to have the support of the highway patrol
and have them supporting oakland police officers on the streets. let us not forget as we speak, oakland police officers toil against the rising crime rate. >> they are set to vote at its may 7th meeting on the new deal. in the past fee hours, a truck accident created a mess in oakland. the truck overturned on 7th street on the offramp to 880. it caused traffic to back up and about 30 minutes ago, the truck managed to right the truck and all streets were reopened. traffic is moving smoothly. there's no word yet how the truck flipped over or whether anyone was hurt. and we're following more breaking news for you in concord where concord high school is in lockdown. officials say a suspect in a felony hit-and-run accident was seen running toward the school just about an hour ago, just
after 11:00. police say following the hit- and-run crash on west street, the suspect tried to carjack another driver before taking off running near the school. we're continuing to follow the accident and will bring you more -- to follow the situation and will bring you more information as we get them. alex savidge is live with the fight to keep the doors of a school open. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is ranked as one of the top high schools in one of the -- in all of the country but american-indian public charter is set to shut down in two months. the district points to mismanagement by the former director. now his actions have put parents in a tough spot. a bittersweet day for parents in oakland. as the school faces closure, it's also now ranked at number 38 on a new list of best high schools in the country put out
by u.s. news and world reports. it's also ranked as the fifth best high school in california. >> i pray it stays home. >> reporter: edward anderson sends his daughter here and has seen her thrive academically. he says closing the school does not make sense. >> i can't believe it. these scores show the school is doing a good job. why would they tear it down -- close it down, then? >> it's just really a shame. this is like a diamond that shines for oakland. >> reporter: a couple of weeks ago, the oakland school board voted to pull the charter. the problem, former director ben chavez is accused of misspending $3.8 million in school funds. while he's stepped down, a district spokesperson toll me today the charter -- told me today the charter school has reduce -- refused to tut ties
with them -- to cut ties with them. >> nobody denies the facts. >> reporter: the district gave them a year and a half to clean house and bring in a third party to control the finances. according to the spokesman they didn't. the school's director said she's appealing the decision and trying to keep the doors open. >> those steps have been taken. we have a new fiscal management team. it's been aboard since july 2012. we have a new board and so we did take checks to cure those issues. >> reporter: tomorrow night administrators will hold a meeting with parents to talk about what can be done to save american-indian public charter high school. right now, the school is appealing board's decision if the appeals fall short, the gates will be shut for good in june. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex.
two u.s. senators are urging the white house to postpone the furloughs of air traffic controllers that have caused flight delays at airports around the country. the furloughs began sunday. can tis republican jerry moran and richard bloomenthal are asking for a postponement of at least 30 days. they are trying to prevent the closing of 150 aviation control towers. we've learned that san francisco airport has 38 controllers and three to four will be furloughed eve day. oakland has -- each day. oakland has 34 and plan to controller 3 or 4 a day. it's the day bird watchers have been waiting for. a biologist meets the brand-new baby falcons here in san jose.
we'll tell you how they are doing -- coming up. after warmer-than-usual temperatures, the cooldown is starting. rosemary is here to give us the details on whether another warmup is ahead. and what happened when a tiger got loose at a circus? >>
a solar powered plane is back in the skies. it's on a 16-hour test flight to prepare for a cross-country flight may 1st. it took off from moffett field about five hours ago. this video is from previous flights. it's set to fly over the golden gate bridge at 3:00 and later it will fry over the bay bridge -- fly over the bay bridge. it's considered to be the world's most advanced sun powered plane. it can fly all day and night without liquid fuel. the wings are covered with 12,000 solars. france has made gay marriage legal in that country. it follows months of heated debate and street protests that have brought thousands of demonstrators to paris. this is the 14th country to approve same-sex marriage.
france's president is expected to sign the bill into law. a french official says the first same-sex weddings could come in june. affordable housing and homeless advocates are speaking out against the sequester cuts and the effects on some of the most vulnerable. people gathered outside of the building today. this will affect housing vouchers for thousands of seniors, disabled and low- income families who depend upon them to su live. >> we stand in sole -- survive. >> we stand in solidarity because we need to get around these cuts and keep people off the streets, not get them back on the streets. >> this came as the after the board of commissioners' meeting today. this morning in san jose, a uc santa cruz biologist ignored
great heights and angry words to put tracking on -- birds to put tracking on them. >> glen stewart, biologist, rappelled down from high atop san jose city hall. but for stewart, the work to meet the baby falcons is important. >> no contact from the birds. i could hear them go by and feel a little breeze. >> reporter: three weeks ago, three baby falcons hatched. the city of san jose's falcon cam perched near the nest kept an eye on the babies but it wasn't until stewart met them in person with his own eyes. >> well, they are she baby boys, healthy, and three weeks ago they were in eggs. >> reporter: stewart puts bands
on their ankles to track their progress. >> well, they are moving into the urban situation. we never you thought she would see this, 20, 30 years ago and they -- we would see this 20, 30 years ago. >> it's amazing to see them. >> reporter: but for glen, who has been doing this for several years now, there's nothing quite like seeing these birds grow from babies to becoming parents. according to stewart, the population is thriving. at best, there are at least 250 breeding pairs in california. in san jose, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. a woman in kansas said she came face to face with an escaped tiger at a circus last weekend. >> please remain seated. >> the tiger ran away from the circus ring on saturday and headed towards the ladies' bathroom. it happened just as a woman was
was about to walk inside. the woman said the tiger came close enough to toucher. >> my first thought, i need to be calm, turn around, you will be fine. that's what i did. >> the tiger was only loose for a few minutes, surrounded by security and no one was hurt. we're still following breaking news for you in concord. concord high school remains on lockdown. newschopper2 has just arrived over the location. these are some live pictures from the scene. once again, officials say a suspect in a fellly hit-and-run accident was seen -- felony hit- and-run accident was seen running toward the school after 11:00 a.m. following the hit-and-run crash, the suspect tried to carjack another driver before taking off running toward the school. you can see some police officers there, what looks like a white suv, possibly a flatbed pickup truck. as we pan around, you can see some of the cars in the parking lots, some tennis courts but
things look fairly calm. these are live pictures over concord high school, located just off concord boulevard. this is at 4200 concord boulevard. on lockdown, because a hit-and- run suspect was seen running toward the area. we'll have an update for you tonight at 5:00. a cooldown is spilling into the bay area for your afternoon. for some it's going to be minor. for some it's a major drop and already being felt. a live look there over the bay and you can see, low clouds hugging and banking right off the coastline. so there's the transition that we've been talking about for today. take a look at the numbers here. we've got 58 at half moon bay. 77 in livermore. we have 81 in santa rosa. so quite a difference depending upon where you go. the coast and san francisco, anywhere from 5, 10, 15 degrees
cooler than where we were 24 hours ago. if you are inland, it's closer to three to six degrees below what we felt at noontime yesterday. i'll gonna show you what's aing here. we have two weather elements, the ridge of high pressure continues that warm, dry offshore flow and the warm weather and we have this system sitting off the southern california coast. the clock -- counterclockwise rotation around that has actually contributed to the fog moving back into the area and along the coastline. and the cooler air moving in and creeping its way into the bay area. so we've got the wind coming in from the north over in areas along the north bay and into the inland east bay just inside the bay. san francisco, a lot cooler than 24 hours ago. that's because we have a westerly breeze. we have a west southwesterly breeze up along the coastline, seeing mostly cloudy skies in santa cruz, half moon bay mostly sunny at the moment. point reyes, in and out of clouds.
i think the fog will stay primarily to the coast. but this breeze will be strengthening. that's going to aid in the cooldown. light winds. it's an onshore breeze. in santa rosa, it's coming from the northeast. so this contributing to our weather. fair field, 24 hours an while. we have gusty conditions for areas along the delta as well as the carquinez strait and into the central valley. that's a different weather element as the system sinks into the great base be. for today, into the -- basin. for today, into the base be, temperatures will be warm, still warm, above average. 86 santa rosa today. 83 for novato, widespread low to mid-80s for the inland east bay. you get closer to the bay, it will be more comfortable. santa clara for today, 82. 83 for saratoga. along the peninsula, quite a difference. 82 redwood city, 70 degrees san francisco. upper 50s to near 60 in daly
city. it will be chilly at the coast. if you are going to see the giants play into the afternoon, low 60s at game time, slipping to the upper 50s as we head into the evening hours. your extended forecast there, shaving off a few degrees inland. the bigger drop will come wednesday. the coolest day is thursday. as we get into the weekend, ridge of high pressure will warm back up into the upper 70s. >> not a bag spring time. >> you got it -- not a bad springtime. >> you got it. an update on stocks -- just ahead.
the stock market remains higher following strong earnings. taking a look at the big board, the dow is up 141. we'll have more looking into that fake tweet -- coming up today on the 5:00 news. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. join us again at 5:00. we're always here for you at and mobile